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Success Stories

Read about how we have helped emerging ecommerce brands achieve their goals.




Ecru is a minimalist luxury fashion brand based in New York City whose clothing line is carried in over 500 stores in North America. Ecru required digital expertise as their wholesale business was over 90% of total. After a full year of slow e-commerce growth, they approached Needle Movement to resolve.


Right after starting, Needle Movement quickly audited Ecru’s digital performance. Within two weeks, it was determined that Magento was not the best e-commerce platform for ecru and a move to Shopify was in the their best interests. Within two months, the site was transitioned and a 45% bump in conversion rate followed after this migration.

Changing the web platform was technically not our role. (We’re not Shopify programmers.) Though we pushed it through because we knew it was holding ecru back.

Needle Movement developed the digital marketing playbook for ecru – email marketing and paid search were the main contributors to profitable growth. Ecru had done email marketing before and the program was evolved to include list growth, advanced automations and product stock notifications in order to increase customer retention.

As an apparel retailer, the brand experienced common return rate pitfalls as over 20% of buyers would return their order reducing net revenue and profitability. Needle Movement introduced two innovative approaches including an online sizing questionnaire and a product returns application to reduce the reduce rate.


Online sales increased 700% to reach multi-million dollar sales

the conversion rate increased over 45%

over 12,000 emails were collected for marketing

the product return rate decreased 15%

Any brand would be lucky to have Stephen guiding their digital growth. Needle Movement has been instrumental in taking our luxury apparel business to the next level – sales have grown $2 million since our collaboration together. It wasn’t easy and Stephen provided strong problem solving skills, a focus on profitability and a “can-do” approach.
— Ilana, VP of Marketing @ ecru

Brooklyn Cloth

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Brooklyn Cloth is a men's streetwear label inspired by the East Coast surf and skate scenes that’s targeted to Gen Z and Millennial shoppers.

The brand went to Needle Movement to grow the online business and to better adapt past disruption in the streetwear and fast fashion segment.


Website performance in Spring 2018 was hampered by slow site load times, particularly on mobile devices.

A short optimization project enhanced site speed and conversion rates quickly jumped after implementation which made the difference in hitting sales numbers.

Needle Movement provided strategic guidance and introduced many enhancements to Brooklyn Cloth including: Millennial marketing, automation email optimization, SEO, repeat buyer strategy and brand ambassador programs.


Online sales grew 51% over the past six months.

Email revenue jumped from 4.6% to 15% of overall sales.

Conversion rate up 31% after site speed optimization

A big differentiator was the experience and knowledge Needle Movement brought having already grown a large e-commerce business before. They understand every component of it from the digital strategy to the website performance to the merchandising to the branding value proposition. Having that background has been incredibly valuable to our success.
— Joe Adelantar, VP of Ecommerce @ Brooklyn Cloth

Lafayette 148 New York



Needle Movement founder Stephen Carl worked at Lafayette 148 New York, a popular luxury brand specializing in upscale womenswear with over $200 million in total sales.

They had great success with department stores and direct mail. And needed an internal expert to sort thru all their options in paid digital marketing and e-commerce.


Some key wins at Lafayette 148 were in search engine marketing and email outreach.

Google Adwords became an early opportunity to seamlessly align with large direct mail campaigns and boost overall conversion rates. Thru scaling the search engine campaigns, initiatives resulted in 9:1 returns on investment which helped the bottom line and contributed to multiple years of 100% growth at the company.

Our favorite campaign though was a customer retention initiative –we would send out monthly birthday cards to customers – first by email and then, thru a physical card. The campaigns has a conversion rate over 9%.

Read this article from Glossy.com about Lafayette 148’s new exciting digital flagship site. (It’s been multiple years since our work and we’re very happy with their progress. The article features AgilOne, a customer data AI platform that Stephen introduced to the company back in 2014).

It’s a key point we’re super proud of. That brands we work with are STILL using the same partners we introduced them to many years later.


Online sales grew from $8 million to $49 million

Annual email revenue increased 580% to $7.5 million in 2 years

Search engine revenue increased annual overall sales by over $9 million

Rita Hazan

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Rita Hazan is a celebrity hair colorist known for her work with Beyonce. She markets an award-winning line of hair care products targeted towards colored hair treatment.

Needle Movement partnered with Rita’s team and a brand marketing agency for our expertise in brand voice and the Shopify ecosystem.


A little bit of everything. Needle Movement made key contributions in: data analytics, customer acquisition, email marketing strategy and search engine optimization.

We remember walking the client thru their google results – and telling Rita how popular she was since 5 other brands were bidding on keywords with her name ;-). We’re super proud of our work done on major pages of the website that needed serious TLC including video set-ups: https://ritahazan.com/collections/root-concealers


119% growth in the email subscriber list

315% increase in buyers purchasing directly from the website

72% growth in sales after 3 months of engagement

I had a really good experience working with Stephen. He’s a Shopify expert who was able to dig deep into our numbers and reveal opportunities that we would not have seen otherwise. Helped us a lot with email marketing and SEO.
— Hy Breen-Chalme, Chief Operating Officer @ Rita Hazan

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