Every day is a treasure hunt. We find revenue where you’d least expect it.


We’ve got the moves. This is how we move it.

If you’re struggling to hit your numbers, your web business is lagging, or you find yourself constantly trolling your competitors’ websites for inspiration, it’s probably time to give us a call.

Needle Movement engagements can range anywhere from three months to semi-permanent. Whatever the duration, our primary goal is to generate significant customer and sales growth so that, our engagement ends up paying for itself while providing clients with insights towards long-term profitability.

Our Steps



We survey the terrain, getting to know your customer behavior, website, and marketing channels. Our clients are primarily businesses with $50,000 to $10 million in annual website revenue (i.e. they’ve got a website up and running but want to take business to the next level).


The Excavation

We do some serious mining to help you find new sales, customers, and priceless hidden treasures, like the time we discovered our client wasn’t sending emails to 90% of their buyers and this led to $100,000 of additional sales—per month. 


Hatching a Plan

We develop optimization strategies and new tactics. Some clients simply need strategic leadership, while others need us to manage their Google and Facebook advertising programs.  


Hitting Your Target

We believe sales records were made to be broken. To do that, we either work with your in-house team or get help from our peer network to put everything in action based on your resources.  


*Periodically, we offer shorter strategic audits though we do have a $1,200 minimum on all engagements.